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PolyEd provides information about polymers for educators at all levels, and specifically shares background information about polymers, applications for award and grant programs, classroom activities, and specific news for committee members.

Polymer Ambassadors

Polymer Ambassadors are talented and dedicated K­-12 classroom teachers located coast­-to­-coast who arrange, organize, and present workshops and demonstrations. Typical venues for their presentations are National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) national, regional, and STEM conferences, American Chemical Society (ACS) meetings, as well as many local – state conferences. Their workshops generally relate polymer science to topics that interest K­-12 students.


The Intersociety Polymer Education Council (IPEC)develops and supports the introduction of polymers into the K-12 curricula. Its programs have proven to be an excellent way to interest students in polymers and, more broadly, in science and technology. Students at all levels can relate to polymers. Current IPEC sponsors are the American Chemical Society Divisions of Polymer Chemistry and Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering, the Society of Plastics Engineers, the Akron section of SPE, and the Plastics Pioneers Association.

Other Resources

K-12 Resources

Chemistry, Polymers, and Science Resources

Other Professional Organizations Related to Polymers

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