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The POLY division of ACS sponsors and co-sponsors awards for excellence in polymer research and service to the polymer community.  All nominees must be members or affiliates of the POLY division and all awards are granted without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.  The awards listed below are given annually or biennially, and are for established investigators, emerging investigators, and graduate students.

Awards Team:

Johan Foster

Semra Colak Atan

Toby Nelson

Awards for Established Investigators 

  • Herman F. Mark Award (POLY endowed) for outstanding research accomplishments and contributions to the advancement of polymer science through teaching, research, technical leadership, and scientific writing. Due November 1 of even numbered years
  • Carl S. Marvel Award for Creative Polymer Chemistry (POLY endowed) for accomplishments and/or innovation of unusual merit in the field of basic or applied polymer science for a researcher under the age of 45. Due July 1 of even numbered years
  • Paul J. Flory Award for Polymer Education (POLY endowed) to recognize, encourage, and stimulate outstanding achievements by an individual or team in promoting undergraduate and/or graduate polymer education. Due July 1 of odd numbered years
  • POLY Fellows (POLY endowed) recognizes excellence in all ways that POLY members advance our field of polymer science, either through scientific accomplishments, service to the profession, or both. Due November 30 of each year
  • Mark Scholar Awards for excellence in basic or applied research and leadership in polymer science. Due November 1 of odd number years
    • Mark Scholar Award for a researcher aged 36-49
    • Mark Senior Scholar Award for a researcher 50 years of age and older
  • Charles G. Overberger International Prize for Excellence in Polymer Research (cosponsored by the PMSE division of ACS) to recognize and encourage accomplishments of unusual metrics in the field of basic and applied polymer science. Due February 20 of odd numbered years
  • Industrial Polymer Scientist Award (POLY endowed) for an individual or team for outstanding industrial innovation and creativity in the application of polymer science and contributions of technological innovation in the polymer industry. Due July 31 of odd numbered years
  • Distinguished Service and Special Service Award (sponsored by POLY) to honor individuals whose professional accomplishments have made a significant and lasting impact on the POLY division, above and beyond expectations. Due January 31 of every year

Awards for Emerging Investigators 

  • Mark Young Scholar Award for excellence in basic or applied research and leadership in polymer science for a researcher under the age of 35. Due November 1 of odd number years
  • Biomacromolecules/Macromolecules Young Investigator Award (sponsored by ACS Publications) to recognize two individuals 40 years of age or below who have made a major impact on the field of polymer science internationally. Due January 15 of every year
  • Young Industrial Polymer Scientist Award (sponsored by IAB) to recognize industrial innovation and creativity in the application of polymer science of a young individual in industry that is under the age of 40. Due October 31 of even numbered years

Awards for Graduate Students and Recent PhD Graduates

  • POLY Graduate Student Travel Award (sponsored by IAB) to provide funding for graduate students studying at a US institution and working in the field of polymer science to travel to a National ACS meeting and present their work. Check the awards page for due dates which are typically near the MAPS abstract submission deadline.
  • Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium to recognize outstanding graduate students in polymer science and engineering and help develop the careers of future leaders working in the polymer field. Due at the same time as the MAPS abstract deadline (10/21/2019 for spring 2020 meeting)
  • DSM Science and Technology Award (sponsored by DSM) to recognize innovative fundamental or applied research in a specific area of polymer science (specified by year) for students finishing or recently finished with their PhD degree. Due February 15 of every year
  • Henkel Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Science and Engineering (sponsored by Henkel) to recognize a PhD student or recent graduate based on outstanding contributions of their thesis research, the quality and level of the innovation demonstrated, and the impact of their research on the science of synthetic polymers or biopolymers. Due January 25 of every year
  • Eastman Chemical Student Award in Applied Polymer Science (co-sponsored by the PMSE division of ACS) to recognize excellence in a PhD student in applied polymer science. Deadline listed on link
  • POLY Video Award (sponsored by POLY) to prepare young chemists to present their research and interact with a broad range of audiences, including more senior scientists and the general public. Due one month before MAPS abstract deadline
  • POLY Outstanding Poster Award (sponsored by Cambridge University Press) to recognize and celebrate outstanding posters presentations during national ACS meetings.  Posters must be included in the Sci-Mix event
  • Undergraduate Research in Polymer Science Symposium and Award (sponsored by IAB) to recognize outstanding undergraduate students in polymer science and engineering, foster networking and exposure, introduce opportunities in graduate research, and help develop future leaders in academia in industry. Presentation must be part of Undergraduate Research Symposium 
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