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Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) of the POLY division

Mission Statement: “Enhance and foster industrial engagement and support to develop programming, education, recognition, and awards within the ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry”


  • Industrial Innovation in Polymer Science Symposium at each ACS National meeting
  • Providing industrial perspective and recommendations to the POLY division on future programming topics
  • Providing direction for future and current industrial awards for the POLY division


  • Structure future initiatives related to industrial hiring and continued education
  • Fund K-12 educational programs: Intersociety Polymer Education Council (IPEC)
  • Participate in PolyEd (the national information center for polymer education)


Membership and Benefits: Membership on the POLY IAB is $1,500/year. With this membership companies do not only support the broadly beneficial activities above to ensure a strong technical polymer community, but they also benefit from:

  • Increased visibility within the US and global polymer community
    • Corporate logos are displayed on ACS meeting posters, POLY newsletters, POLY IAB website, and at sponsored events
  • Increased ability to scout and recruit talent
  • Increased exposure to the forefront of polymer science and collaborative research

Current Members: 3M, Aramco Services Company, Arkema, BASF, Covestro, The Dow Chemical Company, DSM, Eastman Chemical Company, IlluminaPPG, Polymer Chemistry Innovations, Rochal Industries, Tosoh Bioscience, and Wyatt Technology.

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