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Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) of the POLY division

Mission Statement: “Enhance and foster industrial engagement and support to develop programming, education, recognition, and awards within the ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry”


  • Industrial Innovation in Polymer Science Symposium at each ACS National meeting
  • Providing industrial perspective and recommendations to the POLY division on future programming topics
  • Providing direction for future and current industrial awards for the POLY division


  • Structure future initiatives related to industrial hiring and continued education
  • Fund K-12 educational programs: Intersociety Polymer Education Council (IPEC)
  • Participate in PolyEd (the national information center for polymer education)


Membership and Benefits: Membership on the POLY IAB is $1,500/year. With this membership companies do not only support the broadly beneficial activities above to ensure a strong technical polymer community, but they also benefit from:

  • Increased visibility within the US and global polymer community
    • Corporate logos are displayed on ACS meeting posters, POLY newsletters, POLY IAB website, and at sponsored events
  • Increased ability to scout and recruit talent
  • Increased exposure to the forefront of polymer science and collaborative research

Current Members: 3M, Aramco Services Company, Arkema, BASF, Citrine Informatics, Cascade Biocatalysts, Covestro, The Dow Chemical Company, DSM, Eastman Chemical Company, Enthought, Gelest, Illumina, Kraton, Lyten, Milliken, Nanite, Polymer Chemistry Innovations, Rochal Industries, Tosoh Bioscience, and Wyatt Technology.

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