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POLY Division Webinar Series

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Previous Webinars Available on ACS Website:

Engineering Polymers that Prevent Rejection of Gene Therapy and 3-D Printed Implants (April 2023)

featuring Prof. Ke Zhang and Prof. Matthew Becker

Designing Polyelectrolyte Coatings: Coacervates, Assemblies, and Complex Materials (January 2023)

featuring Prof. Jaime Grunlan and Prof. Sarah Perry

How Polymeric Materials Protect Our Armed Forces (June 2022)

featuring Prof. Dr. Joseph Lenhart and Dr. Davide Simone

Role of Polymer Science in Water Purification Membranes (May 2022)

featuring Prof. Dr. Abhishek Roy and Prof. Geoffrey Geise

Designing Bio-Sourced Polymers that Enable Recycling (July 2021)

featuring Prof. Dr. Stefan Mecking and Dr. Mark Jones

Polymers of the Pandemic (June 2021)

featuring Dr. Emilie Rexeisen and Prof. Michael Schulz 

Solving the Plastic Waste Problem (Jan 2021)

featuring Dr. Katrina Knauer and Dr. Philippe Reutenauer

Bioconjugation in Polymer Chemistry (Aug 2020)

      featuring Prof. Coray Colina and Prof. Theresa Reineke

Self-Healing Polymers and Vitrimers (June 2020)

featuring Prof. Christopher Bowman and Prof. Marek Urban

The 3D Printing Revolution: Advances in Material Design and Methods (April 2020)

featuring Prof. Timothy Long and Prof. Rigoberto Advincula

Previous Webinars Available on YouTube:

Innovations in the Photochemistry of Polymers (Jan 2019)

      featuring Prof. Brett Fors and Prof. Julia Kalow

High Impact Nanotechnology Applications of Layer-by-Layer Assemblies (Sep 2018)

       featuring Prof. Jaime Grunlan and Prof. Paula Hammond

Semi-Conducting Polymers: The New Horizons and Unmet Future Challenges (April 2018)

       featuring Prof. Christine Luscombe and Prof. Wei You

How to Design Better Biomedicine: Polymeric Materials and Nanomaterials (Nov 2017)

      featuring Prof. Andrea Kasko and Prof. Nathan Gianneschi

How to Design the Next Generation of Sustainable Polymers (July 2017)

      featuring Prof. Stephen Miller and Prof. Megan Roberston

The Power of Plastics: Polymerized Ionic Liquids and Nanostructured Polymers (May 2017)

featuring Prof. Yossef Elabd and Prof. Thomas H. Epps, III

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