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The POLY division supports and runs conferences and workshops on the international, national, regional, and local level.  These events are open to members and non-members alike, and seek to educate and support polymer scientists and engineers.  The POLY division provides programming at National ACS meetings twice a year, organizes and executes POLY Workshops throughout the year, and provides financial and organizational support for other polymer-related conferences.

POLY Workshops

The POLY division organizes and executes workshops across the country annually, typically running 4-6 workshops per year.  These workshops are meant to bring together researchers from around the world to disseminate research results in topical areas of polymer science and engineering.

For more information on upcoming and past POLY workshops, click here. 

National ACS Meeting

The American Chemical Society runs two national meetings per year- one in the spring and one in the fall.  These meetings bring together chemists of all kind to disseminate results, network, and celebrate advances across the field of chemical sciences, broadly defined.  The POLY division provides ample programming annually at both meetings, organizing symposia and social events.

For information on National ACS meetings, click here.

For information on POLY programming at National ACS meetings or submitting a proposal for a POLY symposium at a national meeting, click here.

Other Polymer-Related Workshops

The POLY division recognizes the many outstanding and diverse meetings, symposia, workshops, and conferences dedicated to the advancement of polymer science and engineering.  Follow us on Twitter @POLY_ACS or on Facebook “ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry” for more information.

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