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Deadline for applications is November 30 each year

The POLY Fellows Program was established in 2009 to recognize excellence in all ways that POLY members advance our field of polymer science, either through scientific accomplishments, service to the profession, or both. The awards are administered and sponsored by the POLY division of the ACS.

Award: Award plaque and special recognition during Fall ACS Meeting. The award shall be granted to an individual without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

Eligibility: A nominee must be a member of the POLY division of ACS. Consideration will be given for contributions of scientific accomplishments or service to the profession, or both. The number of new POLY Fellows selected each year will equal 0.1% of the current POLY membership or be no less than 4. Selection will be based on

  • Achievements: typically demonstrated by the impact of successful accomplishments
  • Contributions: typically demonstrated by enabling or causing a successful accomplishment
  • Polymer science: impact on basic and applied research, technology development, and engineering
  • Profession: impact on education, public policy, technical management, and leadership in professional organizations

Substantial service to POLY may also be used for the selection of worthy candidates.

Nomination: Nominators must be a member of the POLY division. Nomination packages should be sent by email as a single PDF file to the POLY division business office at and should include (in order):

  • A completed application form
  • One nomination letter that highlights the impact of the nominee’s work in the specific award area (2 pages maximum)
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum, tailored to award)
  • A complete list of scholarly works relevant to the award (e.g., publications, books, patents, etc.)

Previous Awardees

Of note, all recipients of the Herman F. Mark Award, Paul J. Flory Award, Carl S. Marvel Award, Industrial Polymer Science Award, and Distinguished Service Award will be inducted as fellows.

2022 Kristi Anseth, David Bergbreiter, Hayley Brown, Richard Hoogenboom, X. Michael Liu, Carlos López-Barrón
2021 Luis Campos, Thomas Epps III, Wei Gao, Cato Laurencin, Frank Leibfarth, Carmen Scholz, Karen Winey
2020 Matthew Becker, Kevin Cavicchi, Stuart Cooper, Benny Freeman, Derek Patton, Nicholas Peppas, Swanti Swarup
2019 Andrey Dobrynin, Michael Guiver, Zhiquin Lin, Mary Ann Meador, Qinghang Lin
2018 Christopher Bowman, Mark Dadmun, Scott Iacono, Satish Kumar, Garret Miyake, Lesia Pristas, Theresa Reineke, Edward Samulski, Chuanbing Tang, Albert Yee, Hongyu Chen, Bryan Coughlin, Malika Jeffries-El, Erik K. Lin, Melissa Pasquinelli, Stuart Rowan, Dan Savin
2017 Kathy Mitchem, Joel Oxman, Abhimanyu O. Patil, Chris Weder
2016 Travis Baughman, Brian C. Benicewicz, Ken Carter, Todd Emrick, Tim Lodge
Sarah Morgan, Brad Olsen, Buddy Ratner, Stuart Rowan, Kenneth J. Wynne,
2015 Robert Allen, Jianjun Cheng, Richard Gross, George Odian, Kenneth Shea, Thomas Zawodzinksi
2014 Zhenan Bao, Pradip K. Bhowmik, Nikos Hadjichristidis, Kristi Kiick, Christine Landry-Coltrain
Jeff Linhardt, Rachel O’Reilly, Buddy Ratner, Ken Wagener, James H. Wang
2013 Pal Arjunan, Robert Cohen, Babu Gaddam, Marcus Weck, Heather Maynard, Ulrich Schubert
2012 Diana Gerbi, Paula Hammond, Rick Laine, Kate Beers, Charles McCormick, David Rzavef
Kathryn Ulrich, Marc Hillmyer, Tim Long, Dana Garcia, John Pochan
2011 Patrick Cassidy, Warren Ford, Axel Mueller, Judy Riffle, Rigoberto Advincula, Thomas Smith
2010 Inaugural Class: Harry R. Allcock, Eric Baer, Frank D. Blum, Neta L. Byerly, William J. Brittain, Charles E. Carraher, H. N. Cheng, Geoff Coates, James Crivello, Bill M. Culbertson, Frederick R. Dammont, William H. Daly, Joe DeSimone, Johne P. Droske, James Economy, Alan D. English, Jean Frechet, Robert H. Grubbs, Henry K. Hall, Janelle M. Hampton, Craig J. Hawker, James Hedrick, Paul M. Hergenrother, S. Randall Holmes-Farley, Richard M. Ikeda, Frank N. Kelley, Robert S. Langer, Robert W. Lenz, William J. MacKnight, James E. Mark, W. Harry Mandeville, Jimmy Mays, Anne M. Mays, Wayne L. Mattice, Krzystof Matyjaszewski, James E. McGrath, Robert B. Moore, Robert S. Moore, Bruce M. Novak, Thomas J. Pacansky, Donald R. Paul, Eli M. Pearce, Lloyd M. Robeson, Ann B. Salamone, Joseph C. Salamone, Richard S. Stein, Robson F. Storey, Ulrich W. Suter, Tim M. Swager, Greg Tew, Edwin L. Thomas, Dave Tirrell, S. Richard Turner, S. Reddy Venumbaka, Otto Vogl, Thomas C. Ward, Garth L. Wilkes, Karen L. Wooley

For more information about POLY Fellows:

POLY Fellows Awardees 2010-2019

POLY Fellows 2010 Inaugural Class

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