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Eligible posters must be included in the Sci-Mix at national ACS meetings (see below for details)

The POLY Outstanding Poster Award  was established to increase the importance and visibility of posters being presented at ACS National Meetings in the POLY section. It is recognized that a great deal of work goes into preparing and presenting a high quality poster. POLY wishes to acknowledge and reward such efforts. The award is presented at the POLY/PMSE award event on Wednesday evening of national ACS meetings. Up to 4 awards may be made at each meeting.

Award: Awardees will  receive a certificate and $250. The award shall be granted to an individual without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

Eligibility: Poster presenters must be current PhD students, postdocs, or industrial scientists at equivalent levels. To be eligible for the award, select “Consider for Sci-Mix” during abstract submission through the MAPS system. Sci-Mix is a meeting-wide poster event held Monday and includes posters from all divisions; presenters participate in Sci-Mix in addition to the poster session in their division.  Alternatively, symposia organizers may nominate “best posters” from those submitted to be included in Sci-Mix, at discretion of organizers (and not to exceed 10% of all poster submissions). Eligible posters will then be judged during the Sci-Mix poster session at the national ACS meeting. Winners selected based on their contribution to the work, the quality and impact of their research, and their poster presentation, and communication skills.

Poster Award Co-Chairs: Piril Ertem, and Xiangyi Zhang,

2022 Fall Nicholas Boynton – University of Chicago
Kaden Stevens – University of Chicago
Vivian Zhang – Northwestern University
2022 Spring Christopher Brown – MIT
Neil Rosenfeld – Texas A&M
Kayla Storme – MIT
2021 Fall Archana Bansode – Auburn University
Sheng Li – University of Toronto
Gustavo Munoz – Mississippi State University
2021 Spring Rosalie Berg – University of Houston
Sharabana Sakar – Indian Institute of Technology
Julia Smith – University of Wisconsin-Madison
2020 Fall Jerika Chiong – Stanford
Shashini Diwakara – UT Dallas
Xue Liu – Technical U. of Denmark
2019 Fall Shailja Goyal – Iowa State
Stefan Huber – Univ. of Konstanz
Travis Varner – UNC Chapel Hill
2019 Spring Philip Scott – Virginia Tech
Dylan Walsh – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bryan Sutherland – University of Delaware
2018 Fall Clair Armstrong- University of Liverpool
Anjeza Beharaj- Boston University
Jeffrey Allan Kehl- Boston College
Harry L. van der Laan- Univ. of Michigan
2018 Spring Yuwei Gu – MIT
Chad Gilmer – University of Iowa
2017 Fall Cheng Fang
Phillip Pickett
Mingtao Chen
2017 Spring Allegra Liberman-Martin
Xiao Song Can
2016 Fall Jacob N. Lockhart
Crystal Niermann
Mitra Ganewatta
2016 Spring Jawaher Alfurhood
April Fogel
Neil Dolinski
Travor Schumacher
2015 Fall Ben Cherniawski
Kevin Drummey
John Fennell
2015 Spring Dahlia Amato
Nicholas Godman
2014 Fall Patrizia P. Smith
Jamie M. Messman
2014 Spring Amanda Cain
Keith Johnson
2013 Fall E. Barrios
N. Stebbins

For more information about award winners:

POLY Outstanding Poster Awards- Past Winners 2013-2022

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