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Student Chapter Reports are due January 30 of each yearNew chapter applications are accepted year round.

POLY/PMSE Student Chapters are student run organizations affiliated with the ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry (POLY) and the Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering (PMSE) that provide networking and career development opportunities to students and post-doctoral associates in the polymer field. POLY/PMSE Student Chapters provide access to other graduate students, faculty, government lab researchers, and industrial employees and administrators in both professional and social environments. Opportunities are available for financial support of seminar and group activities. 

POLY/PMSE Student Chapters are required to complete a POLY/PMSE Student Chapter Form and POLY/PMSE Student Chapter Roster, including a one page narrative describing major activities executed, major planned activities, and goals for upcoming year. This information will be used to determine the Best Student Chapter Award, which will receive an additional $500 to be used towards chapter activities.

Chapter support is based on the total active POLY and PMSE members in the student chapter (dual membership in POLY and PMSE by one student is counted as 1.5 students). Student chapters receive between $200 – $500 based on the number of POLY and PMSE members in the annual report. This funding can be used thost speakers for a special symposium, hold a poster session with students from the chapter and other chapters in the same region, host community outreach events to teach elementary or high school students about polymers, or hold job fairs and other events which add value to members or which help the chapter grow.

For active chapters please see: Maintaining POLY PMSE Student Chapters

Active POLY/PMSE Student Chapters:

University President Faculty Sponsor Best Chapter Award
Cornell University Grace Hester Erin Stache
Case Western Reserve University Dana Klein Gary Wnek
(New) Colorado State University
(New) Florida State/FAMU combined chapter Courtney Leo Justin Kennemur / Ralm Ricarte / Natalie Arnett
Texas A&M University Mariela Vazquez Quentin Michaudel
Virginia Tech Ryan Mondeschein John Matson
(New) University of Akron
University of Massachusetts, Amherst Liz Stubbs Laura Bradley / Todd Emrick
University of Florida Sofia Goodrich Brent Sumerlin 2019, 2020
University of Michigan Shamalee Goonetilleke and Muru Zhou Charles McCrory 2018
University of South Carolina Kayla Lantz Brian Benicewicz 2012
University of Southern Mississippi Will Walker Derek Patton 2014
(New) SW Ohio University
(New) University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Minnesota Stephanie Liffland Theresa Reineke

Inactive Chapters: UT Dallas, Clemson, & U Delaware.

How to Start a POLY/PMSE Student Chapter:

For tips on how to start a chapter please see: How to Establish POLY PMSE Student Chapter

To start a POLY/PMSE Student Chapter, the New POLY PMSE Student Chapter Enrollment Form must be completed, as well as the POLY PMSE Student Chapter By Laws (edited as required).

For more information, please contact:
POLY Student Chapter Representative: Elizabeth Bright (

PMSE Student Chapter Representative: Dan Savin (

For historial information about POLY/PMSE Student Chapters:

 POLY PMSE Student Chapter 2011-2020

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