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If you are interested in organizing a symposium at a future national meeting of the ACS, please click here.


For Symposia Organizers and Chairs:

Guidelines for symposia organizers and chairs (pdf document)

Next Meeting

2022 Spring ACS National Meeting
Location: San Diego, CA
Theme: Bonding Through Chemistry
March 20-24, 2022

Program Team: 

Lead Program Chair: Levi Moore (
Hayley Brown (
Robert Mathers (
Sara Orski (

Tentative Symposium Slate:

50 Years of Polymer Science and Engineering at Southern Miss.
Organizers: Sarah Morgan and Yoan Simon
Contributed (Oral and Poster)

Engineering Functionality into Bio(mimetic) Polymers
Organizers: Abigail Knight and Allie Obermyer
Contributed (Oral and Poster)

Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research
Organizers: H.N. Cheng, Christine Coltrain, Christopher Ellison, and Timothy Long
Contributed (Oral and Poster)

From Staudinger Macromolecules to the Genome of Macromolecules
Organizers: Michael Klein and Virgil Percec
Invited Only

General Topics: New Synthesis and Characterization of Polymers
Organizers: Ferenc Horkay and Yongfu Li
Contributed (Oral and Poster)

Incorporating Polymer Science into the Classroom
Organizers: Heather Broadhead and Sarah Morgan
Contributed (Oral and Poster)

Industrial Developments in Polyolefin Macromolecular Design
Organizers: Kyle Anderson, Gursu Culcu, and Andrew Young
Contributed (Oral)

Industrial Innovations in Polymer Science
Organizer: Peter Boul and Michael Liu
Contributed (Oral)

Paul J. Flory Polymer Education Award
Organizer: TBA
Invited Only

POLY/PMSE Plenary and Awards Ceremony

Translational Polymer Research
Organizers: Carmen Scholz and Timothy Long
Contributed (Oral and Poster)

Undergraduate Research in Polymer Science
Organizers: Heather Broadhead, Sarah Morgan, and Sergei Nazarenko
Contributed (Oral and Poster)

Virtual Graduate Students Symposium in Asia-Pacific Region on Polymer Chemistry
Organizers: Yanli Feng and Chunxiao Zheng
Contributed (Oral)

Next Upcoming Meetings

**Currently accepting proposals for symposia** If you are interested in organizing a symposium at a future national meeting of the ACS, please click here

Chicago, IL
August 21-25, 2022

Indianapolis, IN
March 26-30, 2023

San Francisco, CA
August 13-17, 2023

New Orleans, LA
March 17-21, 2024

Denver, CO
August 18-21, 2024

San Diego, CA
March 23-27, 2025

Washington, DC
August 17-21, 2025

Graphical Abstracts from POLY at Previous National ACS Meetings 

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