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2019 Election Slate

An email containing election instructions will be sent by October 16th to all voting members. Elections will remain open until November 16th. A postcard will not be sent out as in previous years, so please make sure to send your updated email to Carlee Linkous carleel@vt.eduAlso keep your email up-to-date by contacting or 800-333-9511.

Click on the following for a PDF document featuring each candidate, their bio, and a personal statement: POLY Election Slate Fall 2019

Candidates for Vice-Chair

Duties: Serve as an active voting member of the POLY Executive Committee. Support the Chair and Executive Committee of the Division while acting as liaison for Division Committees. Become familiar with operations of the Division to prepare for the functions of Chair-Elect and Chair in succeeding years. Attend Executive Committee meetings and promote the interests of members, committees, and Executive Committee.

Semra Colak Atan (3M)

Jianjun Cheng (UIUC)

Candidates for Councilor

Duties: Serve as an active voting member of the POLY Executive Committee during a 3 year term. Councilors represent the Division at an ACS level. Once elected, ACS assigns the Councilor an ACS committee(s) on which to serve. The Councilors attend POLY Executive Committee and ACS Council meeting, held during ACS National Meetings, to provide input to represent the Division. A Councilor provides helpful feedback to Division Officers and the membership in regard to ACS level activity. A Councilor is typically a seasoned POLY Member or past officer who can represent the interests of the Division members at the ACS level.

Kathryn Beers (NIST)

Joseph Mabry (AFRL)

Derek Patton (USM)

Greg Tew (UMass., Amherst)

Candidates for Secretary

Duties: Serve as an active voting member of the POLY Executive Committee during a 3 year term. The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep minutes of all business meetings of the Division and of the Executive Committee; to conduct the business correspondence of the Division as assigned by the Chair or by the Executive Committee; to prepare and submit an annual report of Division activities to the Council Committee on Divisional Activities through the Executive Director of the SOCIETY by February 15 as required in the SOCIETY’s Bylaws; to inform each member and affiliate by regular communications, such as the semiannual Newsletter, of the business and activities of the Division; and to perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chair or Executive Committee or required by the Bylaws of the Division or the SOCIETY.

Erik Berda (UNH)

Scott Iacono (USAFA)

Candidates for Alternate Councilor

Duties: During a 3 year term, be available to replace or fill in if a Councilor is unable to fulfill their duties at a National ACS Meeting. Attend POLY Executive Committee meetings and provide the Councilor’s report, if a Councilor is absent. Become informed on National and Divisional issues in order to serve as needed. Carry out specific assignments as requested by the POLY Division Chair, Councilors, or serve on committees as needed.

Phil Castanzo (CAL POLY)

Wei Gao (Dow)

Emily Pentzer (CWRU)

Yoan Simon (USM)

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