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2018 Election Slate

An email containing election instructions will be sent on 10/16/2018 to all voting members. The elections will remain open unto 11/16/2018.  If you have not received your voting instructions, including password, please e-mail kathyl@vt.eduKeep your email up-to-date by contacting or 800-333-9511.

For more information about candidates please see: POLY Election Slate Fall 2018

Candidates for Vice-Chair

Duties: Serve as an active voting member of the POLY Executive Committee. Support the Chair and Executive Committee of the Division while acting as liaison for Division Committees. Become familiar with operations of the Division to prepare for the functions of Chair-Elect and Chair in succeeding years. Attend Executive Committee meetings and promote the interests of members, committees, and Executive Committee.

Kevin Cavicchi (Akron)

Statement: I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for Vice-Chair for the Division of Polymer Chemistry. I believe that the core strength of the Division is the dedication of its members earned from the excellent programming for, outreach to, and promotion of its members. This is complemented by the Division’s willingness to continually innovate and adjust its practices to stay current in meeting its members’ needs. I believe that my service to the Division as Chair of the Graduate Student Chapters from 2011-2015, Membership Chair from 2013-2015 and Member at Large from 2016-2019 shows my enthusiasm for serving the Division and has given me the experience needed to continue the tradition of solid leadership that has placed POLY at the forefront of the Polymer Science community. I am excited about the opportunity to delve into programming as Vice-Chair and take on a greater leadership role in the Division

Andrea Kasko (UCLA)

Statement: It is an honor to be nominated for Vice Chair. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve ACS, the POLY Division and the polymer community as a whole. As a member of POLY, I have participated in and benefitted from the excellent programming at national and regional meetings, workshops, webinars and other activities. As Vice-Chair, my mission is to continue these outstanding initiatives, to expand the reach of the POLY Division, and to promote inclusivity. As a polymer scientist who works at the interface of synthesis, materials, medicine and sustainability, I value the cutting-edge programming of the POLY Division, including symposia co-organized with other divisions. I hope to maintain and strengthen these collaborations with other divisions to develop new topics for symposia at local, regional and national meetings. I believe this will enhance our membership, through engagement of current members and recruitment of new members. I am also deeply committed to promoting inclusivity in science and engineering, and to recognizing excellence in research and service from the diverse community of scientists with backgrounds at all levels. The POLY Division has a history of outstanding leadership and member commitment, and I am excited for the opportunity to serve the Division. I hope that you will support me with your vote.

Candidates for Member-At-Large

Duties: Serve as an active voting member of the POLY Executive Committee during a 3 year term. Functions as the principal communication link between membership and Executive Committee. Responsible for membership recruitment and retention activities. Seeks out new benefit options while monitoring ongoing services. Communicate with membership to keep them informed of Division opportunities. Coordinate membership committee meetings.

Mark Grinstaff (Boston Univ.)

Statement: I have been a member of ACS for over 30 years. I am honored to bring my experience as an educator, translational scientist, innovator and mentor to POLY Division as a member-at-large. Empowering students by providing financial support for training opportunities, as well as networking and professional development is key to our success. As someone who has started multiple companies and has helped his students start companies of their own, I appreciate the value of academia-industry partnerships in helping scientists translate their innovations into the market. Furthermore, I believe in the need to expand POLY Division’s presence on social media, as means to grow its outreach with individual students and student groups, as a tool for recruitment and retention of members. I look forward to an opportunity to take a more active role in serving the POLY Division. 

Kat Knauer (BASF)

Statement: I have been privileged to serve our Division members on the POLY membership committee since 2016. As a member of this committee, I have strived to demonstrate the benefit of POLY membership and to generate interest in joining the Division. I was a co-organizer for the POLY/BASF professional networking event titled “Bridging the Gap: Connecting Industry and Academia in the Realm of Polymer Science” where I interacted with diverse scientists who embody the future of our Division. As the Member-At-Large for the POLY Division (2019) my goal is to continue to use my professional network to strengthen the interface between industry and academia in the field of polymer chemistry, increase POLY membership and retention by demonstrating value, and motivate POLY members to be more involved with the Division events and activities. 

In cooperation with the exceptional staff in the POLY Business Office, I plan to work diligently to recruit and retain POLY membership. I believe this can be achieved by providing diverse topics and locations for POLY workshops, networking opportunities outside of the ACS national meetings, as well as a clear communication/outline of membership benefits to the polymer science community. Although I am young in career, I have built an extensive network both in academics and industry that I intend to use to build interest in POLY and to serve as a capable Member-At-Large to our current members.

Candidates for Councilor

Duties: Serve as an active voting member of the POLY Executive Committee during a 3 year term. Councilors represent the Division at an ACS level. Once elected, ACS assigns the Councilor an ACS committee(s) on which to serve. The Councilors attend POLY Executive Committee and ACS Council meeting, held during ACS National Meetings, to provide input to represent the Division. A Councilor provides helpful feedback to Division Officers and the membership in regard to ACS level activity. A Councilor is typically a seasoned POLY Member or past officer who can represent the interests of the Division members at the ACS level.

Travis Baughman (DSM)

Statement: I am honored to be a candidate for Councilor of POLY, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue my many years of service to the Division as a member of the Executive Committee. As Councilor, my mission will focus on returning tangible value to all members. From newer members to seasoned professionals, I hope to engage the Executive Committee to create and steer new initiatives with a modern value proposition that is strongly linked to the National ACS agenda. As an eclectic volunteer organization, this is not an easy task, but I plan to continue to devote my enthusiasm and drive to this effort recently illustrated in my service leading the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) as Co-Chair (2010-2015) and now Chairman (2016- 2018). The IAB has allowed me involvement in many aspects of POLY’s mission by supporting and engaging our entire membership and the Executive Committee to create and foster unique Division-wide initiatives. During my tenure, the IAB has supported undergraduate and graduate students in the form of travel grants and increased industrial interaction through discussion panels and networking events. Additionally, we have maintained our industrial focus by reviving the Industrial Polymer Scientist Award and inaugurating the Young Industrial Polymer Scientist Award during the 2017 ACS National Meeting in Washington, D.C. I hope that you will support me in this election.

MaryAnn Meador (NASA)

Statement: I am honored to be nominated for Councilor, and would proudly serve another term representing POLY on the ACS Council and committees. I have been an active member of POLY for more than twenty years, and have co-organized numerous POLY-sponsored symposia and workshops. For the past six years, I have been a Councilor and served on the Divisional Activities Committee (DAC) which coordinates the activities of the technical divisions, and facilitates communications among divisions to help them better serve their membership. I also previously served as Alternate Councilor and Membership Chair for POLY for five years. As Membership Chair, I helped reinvigorate the POLY Student Chapters Program, and also carried out Member Surveys which have provided POLY leadership with tremendous feedback to inform and enhance decisions which affect us all. I have learned much from working with ACS and POLY leadership, including how to work within the ACS system, and through the network of ACS leaders I have developed, to get things done to advance the goals and objectives of our Division. If elected I will continue to apply that knowledge and work with POLY leadership to enhance programming, improve communications, and encourage new initiatives to improve the value of being a member. I will continue, as a member of DAC, to enhance communication and collaboration among related divisions and encourage joint activities which will expand POLY’s reach. I will also continue to work with various committees within POLY to advance our strategic goals and POLY’s mission to be the premier organization for professionals working in the polymer enterprise. 

Candidates for Alternate Councilor

Duties: During a 3 year term, be available to replace or fill in if a Councilor is unable to fulfill their duties at a National ACS Meeting. Attend POLY Executive Committee meetings and provide the Councilor’s report, if a Councilor is assent. Become informed on National and Divisional issues in order to serve as needed. Carry out specific assignments as requested by the POLY Division Chair, Councilors, or serve on committees as needed.

Frieder Jaekle (Rutgers)

Statement: It is a great honor to be nominated for the position of Alternate Councilor for the Division of Polymer Chemistry. Ever since first becoming a member of the ACS in 1999 I have enjoyed actively participating and contributing to this community. Over the years I have co-organized numerous symposia that were sponsored or co-sponsored by the POLY Division at ACS National, Regional, as well as Pacifichem Meetings. These symposia have covered diverse areas ranging from “Non-conventional building blocks in conjugated materials” to “Nano Structure and Function of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Polymers”, “Polymers for Sensory and Energy-Related Applications,” and “Engineered Polymeric Materials”. A common goal has been to bridge divides, to look for communalities and to engage members from different divisions in joint activities. I have also sought to bring together polymer scientists from different countries, for example, by organizing the recent US-Japan Hybrid Materials Workshop. In addition, I have participated in educational programing aimed at incorporating polymer science into the broader undergraduate curriculum and outreach activities by mentoring ACS project SEED students in my labs. As Alternate Councilor, I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the POLY Division with this view of bridging divides and working together. I am excited to support our POLY Councilors in representing POLY at the ACS level and to work with an amazing group of colleagues on the POLY Executive Committee.

Laura Stratton (Polymer Chemistry Innovations)

Statement: I am humbled by the honor of being nominated to be a candidate for Alternate Councilor in the Division of Polymer Chemistry. Since joining POLY, I have felt welcomed in this vibrant Division dedicated to advancing polymer chemistry within the ACS and beyond. 

Service and volunteering in big and small ways is a part of my life. Alternate Council is a support role, and is ultimately there to serve you, the POLY members. POLY already has great value, in the workshops, travel grants, networking opportunities, technical programing, and the professional development that it supports. As your Alternate Councilor I will advance this opportunity to serve you on assigned committees that forward inclusivity, polymer education, and find ways to highlight and increase POLY value to all members, in part by promoting collaborations and by reaching out to industrial polymer scientists who might not be aware of the benefits of POLY. I am especially excited about exploring paths to promote POLY at the local and regional level as well as increasing cross-divisional collaborations.


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