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In addition to programming at national meetings of the American Chemical Society, POLY organizes and runs workshops throughout the year at different locations.  Workshops are typically 4-5 days with 100-300 attendees and provide ample opportunities for networking and scientific discussion.  Topics of the workshops vary, but are specific enough to attract leaders in the fields but broad enough to engage cross-disciplinary researchers form academia and industry. We hope you will join us for an upcoming workshop!

For more information on past and upcoming POLY workshops, please click here.

Next upcoming workshops include:

Polymers in Medicine and Biology
September 9-12, 2018
Santa Rosa, CA

October 14-17, 2018
Alexandria, VA

Silicon-Containing Polymers and Composites
December 16-19, 2018
San Diego, CA

Polymers for Fuel Cells, Energy Storage, and Conversion
February 24-27, 2019
Pacific Grove, CA

Polymer Composites and High Performance Materials
July 22-25, 2019
Sonoma, CA

Advances in Polyolefins
September 22-25, 2019
Sonoma, CA

Next Generation Smart Materials
Fall 2019

Opportunities are available for organizing a workshop. To submit a proposal for a workshop, please click here.

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