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How to Propose a Symposium at a National ACS Meeting

Programming at National meetings of the American Chemical Society rely on volunteers to organize and execute symposia on a wide range of topics. POLY is dedicated to supporting symposia organizers and ensuring a robust and impactful presence of polymer-related research at National ACS Meetings. When proposing a symposium, please take into consideration the theme of the National ACS meeting, and complementarity to symposia proposed for the meeting (see below), as well as recent symposia and POLY workshops.  POLY seeks to support the scientific diversity of research and applications in the field of polymers.

Submit proposed symposia through the form found here.
Guidelines in PDF format can be found here.

A printable copy of the questions that are required for symposium proposal submission can be downloaded here, however, proposals must be submitted through the online form system linked above.

Meeting Theme Lead Program Chair Deadline for Symposia Proposal
Spring 2022
San Diego, CA
Bonding Through Chemistry Levi Moore (closed )October 11, 2021
Fall 2022
Chicago, IL
Sustainability in a Changing World Robert Mathers March 14, 2022
Spring 2023
Indianapolis, IN
Crossroads of Chemistry Danniebelle Haase TBD
Fall 2023
San Francisco, CA
Harnessing the Power of Data Sara Orski TBD

Other Resources:

Guidelines for symposia organizers and chairs

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